Bronchial Asthma


Case I :- Miss Mona, a 14 year old girl, had recurrent cough and cold since she was a child, started wheezing at 11 years of age. She was put on steroids for 3-4 months. When she came to us, she was on oral deriphyllin twice a day, 6-7 times asthalin inhaler in a day and unlimited use of the inhaler at night when she gets up with episodes of wheezing and salsol nebulizer 2-3 times a night. She started Acupuncture treatment for her bronchial asthma from 24/4/2002 . Initially her treatments were daily for the first month, during which time her nebuliser was stopped and oral medication (deriphyllin) was stopped in the first 15 days of starting treatment. She felt so much better that by the end of the first month she had totally stopped even her inhaler. Subsequently, her treatment was reduced to thrice a week in the second month and then to twice a week in the third month. She was so pale and underweight when she started treatment and as she progressed, her complexion became rosy and she gained about 5 kg. Weight. Her appetite became normal and she has never experienced any wheezing till now. She will go onto once a week treatment in the next month and then her treatment will be over. Since the problem of asthma is getting rampant among school going children, more so due to high level of pollutants in the atmosphere and low immunity levels. It is important that such children be given Acupuncture as the first line of management so as to cure them of the disease by improving their body immunity.

Case II :- Mr. Sunil Jain , Associate Editor at Business Standard, had a near-death experience when one day while traveling back home, he fainted and at the hospital, his nails went blue. He had been living on cortisones for bronchial asthma for the past many years, till he was given acupuncture treatment by us. He was treated for about 6 months with periodic acupuncture sessions. He is cured now and has got rid of his steroids