A. With Needles
I. Classical Acupuncture

images/stories/page 5_clip_image002_0001.jpgAcupuncture is a traditional form of oriental medicine which originated in China and is being practiced by therapists all over the world now.  Acupuncture treatment consists of inserting very fine needles at specific points on the skin, which are located near nerve endings.  This has two effects - First it stimulates specific nerves which transmit electrical impulses via the spinal cord and brain, to the diseased area. Secondly, it stimulates release of chemical substances from brain centres to form the body's own mechanism for pain relief.




II Plum Blossom Needling

There are many methods for treating diseases in Chinese traditional medicine, for instance, acupuncture, cupping, massage and kneading spine, etc. including the “plum-blossom” needle therapy. “plum-blossom” needle therapy is superficial tapping merely on the skin, but not the flesh. “Plum-blossom” means five needles bound in a bundle like a plum-blossom, and “seven-star” needle is seven needles bound in a bundle. It is not so painful. It is suitable for children also. It is thus also called “children needle”. This therapy has a wide scope in curing diseases, so it is worthy of popularization and application. Indications for Plum Blossom needling are:- common cold, bronchitis, asthma, colitis, constipation, hypertension, impotence, arthritis, backache, shoulder pain, trigeminal neuralgia, facial paralysis, migraine, stiff neck, eczemaimages/stories/page4_clip_image002_0000.jpg











images/stories/page4_clip_image001_0001.gifIII. Ear Acupuncture

Ear acupuncture therapy is to treat diseases by stimulating certain points of the auricle with needles. Ear is not a separate organ but closely connected with channels and collaterals . Clinically, diseases of various parts of the body can be cured by needling the corresponding auricular points, which may promote free circulation of qi and blood in the channels and collaterals and adjust the internal organs. When disorders occur in the internal organs or other parts of the body, various reactions may appear at the corresponding parts of the auricle, such as tenderness, decreased resistance to electric current, morphological changes and discoloration.


Distribution of Auricular points

IV. Scalp Acupuncture

images/stories/page4_clip_image001_0002.gifCertain areas of the brain cortex are functionally related to different organs and physiological functions and are also represented topographically on the scalp. There are 15 such stimulation areas in scalp. These areas are needled for various disorders for example:- Motor area for Paralysis, Sensory area for Loss of sensations and numbness, Speech area for speech problems, Auditory area for hearing loss and optic area for loss of vision.